Today's families are busier than ever. With all the activites adults and children are involved, our family mealtime often suffers. Below are many sources of information for your family to make mealtime easier, more enjoyable, and an experience everyone will look forward to attending.

Weekly and Monthly Menu Planners - Creating menus make mealtime preparation a breeze!

My Plate - Use MyPlate to help plan your family's meals

Serving Sizes - What counts as one serving for your family members?

How Long Does it Last? - Guide Sheet for keeping foods in the refrigerator, freezer and on the shelf

Freezing Home-Prepared Foods - Tips on make safe and tastey ways to prepare homemade dishes and freeze for later

Microwave Cooking - Need a quick meal? Most kitchens have a microwave oven, but often the microwave is not used to its potential. In this lesson you will explore how to use your microwave oven to prepare quick, easy, and safe meals.

Flavorful Nuts - Nuts are crunchy, versatile, flavorful and loaded with nutrition. Learn more about their benefits here!

The Gluten Free Choice - Is it for me?

Ground Beef - Frequently Asked Questions

Meals in a Minute - Ideas and information for quick family meals

Soup and Salad - Terms and Recipes for a variety of salads and soups

Make Ahead Meals - Make your recipes when you have time, freeze and serve later!

Stir Fry Cooking - Tips and Recipes for family meals

Speedy Suppers - Recipes with five ingredients or less!

Master Mix #1 - Cooking with dry milk

Master Mix #2 - This baking mix publication is provided by our friends at Washington State Cooperative Extension

Master Mix #3 - Make a ground beef master mix and use it for a variety of recipes included 

Putting your Crock Pot to Work! - Information on safe cooking with this economical appliance 

Kentucky Favorites - Try new ways to reduce fat, sodium and calories in these favorites

MyPlate illustrates the five food groups that are the key building blocks to a healthy diet. MyPlate offers ideas and tips to help you create a healthier eating style that meets your individual needs and improves your health.          

Pick of the Patch - Your seasonal guide to produce!

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