Concerned about the safety of your family's food? So are we.

The Kenton County FCS program is here to assist you maintain a safe food supply.

Your Cooperative Extension Service provides research based, unbiased information.


Turn to us when you need help with determining the storage time of your perishable foods, information on preserving your foods in the healthiest and safest ways, and determining the safety of your food after a power outage.

How long can you keep your food for optimum nutritional value and safety? Look at our list: Food Storage Times

Interested in food safety tips to help insure you are preparing food safely? Look at our list: Food Safety Tips

Food preservation time is an especially important time to be safe in the kitchen. Review our list of UK Food Preservation Publications for information on home canning, freezing and drying

For even more food preservation information, visit the National Food Preservation Center

                        Food Safety During an Emergency, visit USDA - Food Safety During an Emergency