The Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service is dependent upon the broad-based participation of local citizens. That involvement is accomplished through the Extension advisory council system.

The Extension Council is the primary organization representing the people of the county in direction of the total Extension program. It is  an organized body of volunteer leaders that counsels with Extension agents in the identification of local problems and issues, assists in program implementation, participates in determining program success, and communicates program accomplishments and funding needs to decision makers. In addition, the council provides advice, recommendations and assistance to the Extension Board for use in making business and fiscal matter decisions for the overall well being of the people and communities in the Extension District. In Kenton County, approximately 35 men and women from across Kenton County work with Extension agents as council members.  These leaders represent all major program areas including Agriculture, Horticulture,  4-H Youth Development, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Community Development.  The Extension Council meets on a quarterly basis and is always interested in new members.  For more details, contact Mary at


Other Extension-related Organizations:

The Extension District Board is an agency of the state to function with authority for making fiscal and financial decisions for the Extension District in cooperation with the University of Kentucky.  The District Board is composed of the county judge executive and six (6) other citizens residing within the Extension District.  District Board members are nominated from the Extension Council membership and serve a three (3) year term.

The Extension Homemakers Board consists of officers and chairmen for the Kenton County Homemakers organization.  The Homemakers Board and Advisory council meet on a quarterly basis at one of our two Extension offices.  The goal of Homemakers is to gain new knowledge and skill that improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. For more information about homemakers, visit us HERE

Kenton County Extension Homemaker Officers

Maryloretto Resing - President

Cindy Withrow - President-Elect

Jackie Waibel - Vice President

Jan Hamilton - Secretary

Kathy Hunter - Treasurer  

Joan Hacker - Past President