4-H Cross County Lines Policy

 4-H Cross County Lines Request Form












Text for ADA compliance:  4-H CROSS COUNTY LINES POLICY.  Kenton County 4-H Council will address cross county lines concerns  during their regular November  meeting.  All requests to exit or enter a program must be received in writing and turned in to Diane Kelley, at the Extension Office by 4:30p.m.  by the third Monday of November.

As a general rule, a young person becomes a 4-H member within the county where he/she is a resident or attends school. Participation close to home usually allows the young person and his/her family to become more fully engaged in 4-H and more actively involved in the greater community.

Generally, where a young person participates in 4-H becomes an issue when competition is involved; where a young person is a  member becomes important to fair and ethical competition.  It is  assumed that a young person is a member of 4-H in the county of residence or county where the young person attends school.  To compete as part of any other county’s 4-H program, a transfer of membership must be clearly established through a request by the member, approval by the agents and councils involved and appropriate documentation.

Determination of whether a young person may cross a county line is to be completed on a case by case basis by the agents and councils involved.