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Text for ADA compliance:  Country ham has a long history in Kentucky, and the process of curing country hams is becoming a lost art to the young generations...until the recent years.  The 4-H Country Ham project started in the late 1990s in Kentucky.  This 8-month project involves taking green hams and curing them with the end product going to the Kentucky State Fair in August to be judged.  Students must express and interest and register in November in order to participate.

Each participating 4-Her gets two hams to cure.  The best ham goes to the State Fair, while the second ham is kept by the 4-Her.  In addition to the ham judging, 4-Hers must give a 3-5 minute speech dealing with a ham-related topic.  A combination score of the ham and speech lead to naming the Grand Champion at the State Fair.  This combination is an excellent learning opportunity for youth to prepare a show ham and improve their communication skills.The project began in the late 1990’s with less than 40 4-H’ers to currently over 775     4-H’ers from great than 65 Kentucky counties.